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Dante and AES67 network enabled speaker
Dante Doman Manager Ready

2x2 Lay-in Grille

Channels (zones): 2

Replacing previous models:
DT62-A / DT62-A-X
DT62-B / DT62-B-X

All of AMK's Dante speakers are now
both Dante and AES67 enabled.

Data / Spec Sheet

Installation Manual

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The AMK DT62 is a Dante™  and AES67 audio network addressable and self-amplified ceiling speaker system. It is a 2x2 lay in grille speaker system for an easy ceiling tile installation. No external power supply is required. The speaker system has a Class D amplifier which provides efficient use of power. The assembly comes with AMK's CX 602, highly efficient coaxial loudspeaker. This system will solve the issue of having to provide a separate amplifier or I/O interface for speaker installations.

The two network speakers can broadcast two different programs under separate channels.

The audio network system is also compatible with AES67 and it is Dante Domain Manager Ready. Which makes this speaker system to be flexible with other audio network systems as well.

The CX602 loudspeaker driver has excellent dispersion, wide bandwidth and a smooth frequency response which makes this the top choice for today’s overhead commercial applications.

This assembly can be used in wide range of projects for paging and background music applications. The DT62 is ideal for hotels, education, hospitals, retail stores, performing art centers, restaurants, airports, houses of worship, and board rooms. The end users will appreciate both the sound and visual quality of these speakers.

  Channel Zoning Illustration

  AMK Dante Ceiling Speaker Advantage

  *  No need to have separate dante enabled amp or I/O interface

  *  A Single RJ45 connection to main active speaker with two conductor wire connection to each of the three passive
     speakers with separate channels.

  *  Highly efficient speaker driver due to barium ferrite magnet.

  *  Cost effective simple one system solution.

  *  Dante Domain Manager Ready

  *  AES67 compatible

 *  2’ x 2’ ceiling tile lay in system for fast and easy installation and visually attractive for tile ceiling environment
 System Specification
  Frequency Response   100 Hz - 20 kHz (+/- 3dB)
  Maximum SPL at 1M   102 dB
  Voice-coil diameter   1."
  Magnet   Barium Ferrite (for high efficiency of the speaker driver)

  Nominal Coverage Angle (500Hz – 4kHz Average)

  140° Conical Average
  Audio Input   Dante Audio via Ethernet
  Output Power   10W / Channel (5W per speaker)
  Signal to Noise Ratio   >99dB
   Power consumption   2 Watts Standby, 25 Watts Maximum
   Input connector on active speaker   RJ-45  
   Maximum wire length to companion speakers   100ft at 18AWG
   PoE+   IEEE 802.3at-2009
   Audio Network System Compatibility   Dante / Dante Domain Manager / AES67
   UL Listed Enclosure   UL 2043
 Physical Speaker Data
  Tweeter   13mm polyamide hard dome
  Woofer Cone   Polypropylene
  Surround Material   Inverted rubber Surround
  Crossover Frequency   5.0 kHz
  Enclosure Depth with Handybox   8.75”
  Grille Dimension   24.0” x 24.0”
  Net weight of the speaker   16.0 lbs
  Shipping Weight (1 box of 2 speakers)   42.0 lbs
 Frequency Response

 Speaker Configuration

 Polar Responses
250 Hz
500 Hz
1 kHz
2 kHz
3 kHz
4 kHz
8 kHz
16 kHz
 Architect's & Engineer's Specifications
The powered loudspeaker system shall be AMK DT62. The speaker shall feature Audinate / Dante™ network audio signal that broadcasts 2 channels of audio. The speaker system shall consist of a set of 2 speakers for different channel broadcasting for separate zones.

The Network switch must have PoE+ to provide the power that is needed for the system.

The active unit of the system shall have one RJ-45 jack for network audio connection. Then there shall be (1) one of the two position phoenix type (euro) connection. The connection shall be for the passive speaker.

The speaker unit in the system shall be of the coaxial type with an 6.5" woofer of polypropylene, an inverted rubber surround, and a 1" polyamide soft dome tweeter mounted on a post. The transducer in the loudspeaker system shall be AMK CX 602 coaxial loudspeaker. The woofer shall have a 13 oz. (369g) Barium Ferrite magnet. The two transducer sections shall be coupled through a built-in capacitor bypass crossover.

The crossover frequency shall be at 5.0 kHz. The low frequency transducer shall have 1" (25.4mm) voice coil and the high frequency transducer shall have 0.51" (13mm) voice coil. The system shall have a frequency response of 65 Hz- 20 kHz (+/- 10dB).

The system shall be on 2' x 2' metal perforated grille and 7” deep powered speaker enclosure attached on the back of the grille. The depth of whole speaker assembly 8.75” including the junction box attached.

The total weight of the each of the speaker system shall not exceed 16.0 lbs.

The loudspeaker system shall be AMK Innovations model DT62.

Conforms to EIA Standards: RS-276-A, RS-278-B, RS-426-A.